TOP10 Fintech books to read this summer

A short list of the most appreciated Fintech books, covering bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, wealthtech and insurtech.

The list has been generated using ratings on Goodreads.

1.The Ascent of Money

A ten years old book but still one of the most popular books about the history of money. A good start to understand the evolution of our monetary system and our actual financial landscape. It also shows the limits and weaknesses of the present financial ecosystem, which brought us to the subprime crisis.

2. Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid

This book explains the positive impact of new technologies applied to finance.

Lower costs offer the ability to include previously unserved customers. A good example of “blue ocean” strategy.

3. Fintech innovation

A wealthtech book about the impact of new technologies on asset management and private banking.

Paolo Sironi separated the content in 3 parts: personalisation, robo-advisors and goal-based investment.

4. Digital Gold

One of the most popular Fintech books dedicated to bitcoin and its philosophy.

An entertaining and well-researched introduction to the cryptocurrency world, written by a New York Times reporter.

5. Cryptoassets

An introductory taxonomy of cryptoassets divided between cryptocurrencies, cryptocommodities, and cryptotokens.

A practical guide offering a framework to invest in bitcoin or altcoins, but also to understand key concepts as exchanges, wallets, capital market vehicles, and ICOs.

6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

A very well rated book starting by the history of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Probably the best introduction book, addressing clearly technical topics as decentralisation, mining, anonymity and regulation.

7. Blockchain basics

A non-technical introduction explaining what is blockchain, without requiring initial knowledge in cryptography or programming. Indeed, the author uses mainly metaphors and analogies.

He also demonstrates why blockchain has such a potential and what kind of limitation the technology could encounter.

8. The Insurtech Book

A collective work about the evolution of the insurance businesses, from the innovative business models to new technologies and customer satisfaction.

9. The internet of money

Antonopoulos, the author of the acclaimed “Mastering Bitcoin”, shows here the parallel between cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, and automobiles, electricity or internet.

More philosophical than technical, this is a compilation of his speeches, with useful links to his videos on youtube.

10. Banker to the poor

Muhammad YUNUS, 2006 Nobel peace price, has written this book. It tells the story of Grameen, a bank offering micro loans to the poorest in Bangladesh.

Consequently, an inspiring Fintech book, for people looking at social impact.

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